CAE provides answers to all questions and complete solutions
for ECAD systems and engineering processes

We attend you on your way to sucess!

You want to acquire an ECAD-System for the first time or you want to replace the current system with a new one: it’s essential to find the right system for your company. Through our years of experience in the ECAD market CAE Expert Group is your optimal partner for your system evaluation.

For long-term and effective success in your company it’s very important that your ECAD-System is optimally integrated into your engineering process and system landscape as well. Through our years of experience in training, process enhancement, engineering tools, automation and standardisation we help you to use your ECAD-System more efficiently. So you will save a lot of costs and efforts.

Training is one part of our core competences. From basic training to individual expert training: the learned knowledge can be used directly in your daily business.

Through a high automation level for creating your engineering data (circuit diagram, fluid schemes, terminal diagram, bill of material, …) you can minimize your error rate, reduce your cycle time and improve your competitiveness. With our products or with other products: CAE Expert Group helps you on the road to success.

You have too many orders from your customers and your ressources get empty? With an highly qualified team CAE Expert Group helps you through the „peak load“: as soon as possible, unbureaucratic and flexible.

For managing your orders and projects it’s very important to route the whole process with specific activities. We support you with best practise know-how and help you to finalize your daily business as efficient as possible.

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The wide training offer at CAE Expert Group

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Das CAE Team erfolgreich beim 15. WKO Businesslauf in Linz

Das Laufteam der CAE Expert Group GmbH beim 15. WKO Business-Lauf in Linz

Erstmalig sind wir am 07. September 2016 beim Businesslauf in Linz angetreten. Nach mehr oder weniger intensiven vorherigen Training sind alle 3 Teams der CAE Expert Group [...]

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Erfolgreicher Messeauftritt der CAE Expert Group auf der SPS IPC-Drives 2016 in Nürnberg

Der erste Messeauftritt auf der SPS-Messe in Nürnberg verlief sehr erfolgreich! Unser Messemotto „AUTOMATION NEEDS (OPITIMIZED) ENGINEERING sowie die Themen unseres CAE [...]

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